PRECISE™ Radiance

PRECISE™ Radiance – Metallic Epoxy Flooring

PRECISE™ Radiance epoxy flooring product is created by mixing fine metallic pigments into a clear 100% solid epoxy. It requires a primer coat, a metallic epoxy base coat, and an optional clear top coat. Select the pigment color from our wide range of options or create your own color combination by mixing our available colors. The finished floor has a smooth, glass-like finish with a pearlescent 3D effect. PRECISE™ Radiance paired with your imagination can create endless possibilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Floors can be made to resemble lava lamps, marble, lightning strikes, etc.
  • Highly durable floors built for performance
  • Resistant to stains, chemicals, abrasions, and spills
  • Can be applied as a single seamless coat even on unconventional floor layouts
  • Non-slip floor, grip can be enhanced by using additives in the top coat
  • Produces a seamless hygienic surface without nooks and crannies for mold or bacterial growth

Spaces for Use

  • Garages
  • Office Spaces
  • Shops
  • Business Developments
  • Restaurants
  • Automotive Showrooms
  • Sport Event Centers
  • Museums
  • Homes

Precise Radiance Gallery


PRECISE™ Radiance is easy to apply and can be DIY-ed. However, it is recommended to hire a professional for the best outcome. Here’s how to use our PRECISE™ Radiance flooring product

  • Prepare the concrete by sanding the floor. This creates tiny ridges on the surface that allows the epoxy base coat to sink through and ensure a good binding between the epoxy and the concrete.
  • It is recommended to install a vapor/moisture barrier coating. Since epoxy is not breathable, without a vapor barrier, moisture will migrate up through the surface causing the epoxy to peel.
  • Mix the metallic pigment with the epoxy in a bucket. If you want to combine colors, you need to create a proportionate pigment-epoxy mixture of each color in separate buckets. Check for clumps in the mixture to avoid a jeopardized outcome.
  • Pour the mixture into the base coat in small puddles. You can add different colors of metallic mix as accents to the main puddle.
  • Use a trowel or a roller to spread the mixture so that it covers the entire floor
  • Apply the top coat once the floor is dry. If the floor is in a low-traffic area, you can consider applying a good-quality wax to preserve the gloss.

Polymernation System


Decorative Metallic Floor System

System 111

System 111

System 111

FAQ’s on PRECISE™ Radiance Epoxy Flooring Systems

With a little bit of care, metallic epoxy floors can last 20 years or even more. All you need to do is keep it clean regularly by mopping it with water and do not allow spills to go uncleaned for a long time.

Dust mopping your floor once every week is the best way to keep it clean. As an additional measure, you can also wet mop it to prevent the residue from settling.

Metallic epoxy floor may look slippery because of its reflective nature, but it is not. Epoxy floors are known for their anti-slip and anti-skid properties. However, if it still feels like an issue, you can add a top coat to increase friction further.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Supplier in Tulsa

Resinous Flooring Supply supplies epoxy and concrete coating products for residential and commercial spaces in Tulsa and surrounding areas in Oklahoma. Contact us at 918-528-4135 for package prices. From smooth reflective finishes to dramatic tones, we’ve got a flooring solution for every need.


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