EDGEMORE™ Primo – Concrete Micro Topping for Acid/Dye-Staining

EDGEMORE™ Primo is a decorative concrete overlay that includes a micro topping for acid or dye staining. This concrete floor supply is designed for two micro topping applications to create the modeled look of marble or tile. If you choose to go with an acid-stained concrete floor, expect to get an etched surface in a range of earthy tones. Add a stamped design to create the look of polished wood, natural stone, tanned leather, etc. But if you are aiming for bold and unique hues with layered and variegated effects, concrete dyes will work best.

Features & Benefits

  • EDGEMORE™ Primo provides a unique and versatile canvas for creating beautiful designs that are guaranteed to stun
  • Works well for both residential and commercial projects and can be designed for branding purposes
  • Best used with gray micro topping since dye and acid stain color charts are created for gray substrates
  • Enhances durability of the floor by making it resistant to damage from foot traffic
  • Acid-stained EDGEMORE™ Primo floors hold up well against UV exposure making them great options for outdoor projects; they are less susceptible to discoloration, peeling, etc.
  • Dyed floors give you a wide range of color options to choose from to make bold graphics, logos, stenciled designs, etc.

Spaces for Use

  • Living rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Gamerooms
  • Lounges
  • Showrooms
  • Basketball courts


1. Applying the bond coat

  • The first step to complete for your EDGEMORE™ Primo floor is installing the bond coat. If you want to add a grout element to the design, the bond coat should be applied in the color of the desired grout.
  • The bond coat ratio varies with manufacturers. We strive to put bond coats down at a ratio of 250-300 sq. ft. per bag.
  • Start with the correct amount of water in your mixing container, add and mix the desired colorant, and then mix in the overlay.
Please note that bond coats are designed to be applied on wet floors. Applying two bond coats is always recommended for best performance.

2. Installing Micro Toppings

  • Micro topping mixes should be applied on a dry floor. Keep the spread ratio of micro toppings at 300 – 400 sq. ft. per bag. Start with first mixing the colorant in water and then add in the micro topping. 
  • Split the mixture into two five-gallon buckets to keep the product from becoming thick too fast. The best application procedure is to use a steel trowel when applying a micro topping.
  • You can eliminate the rainbow look of a normal concrete floor supply by applying the mixture in a basketball-sized amount and using a trowel to spread it out into the floor. You can also pour the product out in random patterns throughout the floor. No need to worry about wet lines with a micro topping finish.
  • Two applications of micro topping are necessary to create the look of marble or tile. Apply the second coat once the first coat is completely dry.

3. Sanding the Primo Series Floor

  • Use a palm sander with 80 – 100 grit sandpaper attached to a HEPA vacuum to sand the edges and smooth down the high spots created by the trowel.
  • Smoothen the high spots further using a 17-inch swing machine with black scrubbing pads, and 100/200 grit sanding screen (one screen each per 250 sq. ft.)
  • Sweep up the dust and re-sand the floor until it starts acquiring a slight shine. Sweep and vacuum the floor.

4. Staining the Primo Floor

Both dye and acid stains will generate a yield of 350 – 500 sq. ft. per gallon. We recommend two coats for both acid and dye stain. For best results, use a mister tip on the sprayer.

For dye stain:

  • Use an acetone sprayer with an appropriate air port for generating air via air compressor
  • Consult with your representative to verify if there is a need for buffing the dye stain residue off the floor before the sealer is applied

For acid stain:

  • Use an acid sprayer. Pump up the sprayer and spray into a bucket. Press and release the handle to make sure the sprayer is free of drips.
  • Make sure the first coat of acid stain is not wet before you spray the second coat otherwise you will install footprints into the finished floor
  • When appropriate color is achieved use an 8:1 water to ammonia ratio and scrub the floor with a soft-bristle broom. Next, use a wet vacuum to remove the water from the floor and allow the floor to dry before applying the sealer.

5. Sealing the Floor

Only use the following types of coatings to seal the floor:

  • Water-based sealer
  • Urethane (water-based or solvent-based)
  • Water-based epoxy
  • 100% solid epoxy

We do not recommend the following coatings:

  • Solvent-based acrylics
  • Polyaspartics

FAQs on Concrete Micro Topping for Acid or Dye Staining

To be able to answer this question, it’s important to first understand the difference between acid staining and dying. Acid stain reacts with the concrete chemically to create permanent colors and patterns. While you only get earthy tones, the color doesn’t change over time and is UV resistant. But concrete dyes permeate the concrete slab and can create a layered or single-color effect lending a lot of creative scope. You get an unlimited color palette and the process takes less time than staining. But, dyes can fade over time. So, your requirements will determine the best approach. You can also use dye as a primary coloring agent in combination with acid stains for interesting outcomes.


Acid staining is one of the oldest and most durable options for your concrete floors. It doesn’t fade, chip, stain, or require waxing. Maintenance is also low.

Yes. You can apply EDGEMORE™ Primo on existing concrete. Being a durable concrete overlay, it is a great option for upgrading, repairing, and beautifying concrete floors. 

Regularly sweeping and wet-mopping the floor is a great way to maintain it. If your floor sees heavy foot and machine traffic, resealing the floor once every three years will keep it in prime and pristine condition.

Concrete Micro Topping Supplier for Acid/Dye Staining in Tulsa

Stained and dyed concrete can transform an ordinary concrete floor into a work of art. If you are looking for concrete floor micro topping suppliers near you in Tulsa or anywhere in Oklahoma, contact us at 918-528-4135 . Our EDGEMORE™ line of concrete floor supplies functions as a highly versatile canvas for your creativity.

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