EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel – Concrete Overlay for Water-Based Staining

EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel is a popular concrete overlay that rivals the look of slate, weathered stone, or ceramic tile at a fraction of the cost. It includes a hand-troweled topcoat which can be stained with 3-4 coats of water-based stain. You can also apply integral coloring, stenciling, and other methods to achieve unique looks. EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel provides fantastic slip-resistance due to its textured finish. This concrete floor supply is commonly used to repair and restore cracked, delaminated, or weathered concrete floors.

Features & Benefits

  • Hand-troweling allows unlimited design possibilities and versatility in color and pattern
  • Create unique patterns by using EDGEMORE™ Slate trowel overlay in conjunction with stains, stencils, integral colors, fiber tape, etc.
  • Textured decorative finish can simulate natural stone, tile, etc.
  • Commonly used in wet areas due to the product’s slip-resistant properties
  • Can be used for beautifying both interior and exterior concrete surfaces
  • Affordable and decorative option to restore old and damaged concrete without the cost and downtime of tearing out and replacing concrete slabs
  • Hand-troweled and stained concrete floors are highly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic without cracking
  • Should be applied on a prepared substrate

Spaces for Use

  • Pool decks
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking garages
  • Walkways
  • Entrances


1. Applying Bond Coats

  • EDGEMORE™ Slate trowel floors require two bond coats. The first step is determining the finished color you would like to achieve. You can select from our pre-designed EDGEMORE™ selection of Brown Dark, Brown Light, Pecan Dark, Pecan Light, Loft Gray Dark, Loft Gray Light, Limestone Dark, and Limestone Light.
  • Keep in mind that the first bond coat must be applied in the desired grout color. The bond coat ratio will vary with different manufacturers. Our bond coat ratio is 250-300 sq. ft. per bag.
  • In a mixing container, add the correct amount of water, mix in the desired colorant, and then add and mix the overlay. The bond coat should be applied on a wet floor. Before applying the second coat, use a rub brick to knock down the high spots.
  • Once the two bond coats are applied, you can either proceed to apply the pattern or directly to the slate trowel coat.

2. Application of Pattern

  • Determine the size of the grout and the desired size and shape of the pattern. Grout option sizes vary from ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾”, 1”.
  • Install appropriately sized fiber tape to create the desired pattern. Make sure that this pattern is exactly what you or your client is looking to achieve before the top coat of the overlay is applied.
  • Use something like a wallpaper roller to make sure all fiber tape is pressed down and secure before applying the top coat of overlay

3. Installation of Slate Trowel Top Coat

  • Slate trowel coverage rate is typically between 125-135 sq. ft. per bag
  • Our recommendation is to add one ounce of the desired colorant of the finished project per bag of the slate trowel mix. For example, if the desired look is EDGEMORE™ Brown Dark for the final project look, then the installer would use one ounce of this colorant per bag of overlay mixed.
  • On hot exterior days, lightly mist the surface ahead of where the product will be applied. On cooler days, the product can be applied to a dry surface.
  • Put the appropriate amount of water and colorant in a mixing container. Once the product is ready to use, pour out two amounts onto the surface equal to the size of two basketballs.
  • Spread the product with a magic trowel or steel trowel with the purpose of completely covering the fiber-tape pattern. Once the fiber tape is covered evenly, reach back onto the material with a steel trowel and apply the appropriate texture. Continue this process until the entire project has been completed.

4. Staining of Slate Troweled Overlay

  • Before staining can begin, make sure all high spots or small items on the floor that need the use of rub brick have been rub-bricked.
  • Mix the appropriate amount of water, desired colorant, and neutral-based carrier into a mixing container and fully blend.
    • 1st Stain coat: 0.75 ounces of colorant per mixed gallon of stain
    • 2 nd Stain coat: 0.50 ounces of colorant per mixed gallon of stain
    • 3rd Stain coat: Repeat the second stain coat if needed
    • 4th Stain coat: Take your existing water and neutral base carrier and double the amount of water in the existing mix. Then add 0.25 ounces of charcoal per mixed gallon of stain.
  • When applying the stain, we recommend using a mister tip so that the stain is applied consistently. The goal is to evenly coat the trowel coat but not so much that the stain puddles up. The same spray procedure is used for all coats of staining.

5. Sealing the Floor

We recommend you only seal the floor with the following types of coatings:

  • Water-based sealer
  • Solvent-based acrylics
  • Other sealers can be used if installing this floor on an interior slab

FAQs on Concrete Micro Topping for Acid or Dye Staining

EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel overlay can be used for both old and new constructions. In fact, it is a great economical option for repairing and restoring damaged concrete. Once finished, your old concrete floors will mimic the look of slate in any pattern you want.

It’s best to wait till the building or the construction area has dried in to get the best results with EDGEMORE™ Slate Trowel concrete flooring supply. Ensure that the substrate is prepared before applying the overlay mix.

Slate troweled floors are easy to maintain. Regular sweeping and mopping can keep the floor looking new.

Troweled floors have a handcrafted feel to them. The artistic merit of the installer takes most of the credit. The imperfections and the rough textured effect on a hand-troweled floor cause the stains to react unevenly, thus creating mottled or marbled looks which add to the beauty of the floor. A hand trowel gives you endless possibilities - from creating solid monotone surfaces to creating the effect of marble or any stone with different colors blended in a random pattern.

Concrete Slate Trowel Overlay Supplier in Tulsa

Looking for concrete floor supplies near you? Resinous Flooring Supply is a supplier of all kinds of concrete flooring products including overlays, micro topping, epoxy coatings, and more. Our products are built using the highest quality materials to ensure that your floors look great and last long. For any assistance, give us a call at 918-528-4135.

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