Does Epoxy Garage Floor Add Value?

Mar 1, 2024

Thinking of sprucing up your garage? Going beyond just decluttering and organizing, consider an epoxy floor coating as a way to add significant value to your home. Not only will it give your garage a sleek and finished look, but adding a new garage floor is also an effective way to add value to your home. it may also increase your property value.

Why Does Property Value Matter?

Whether you’re planning to sell your home shortly or simply want to maximize your investment, increasing your property value through renovations like garage floor coating holds numerous benefits. A higher value translates to an increase in resale value and market attractiveness, particularly with the addition of a new garage floor.

  • Potentially higher selling price

    When it comes time to sell, a higher appraised value translates to more money in your pocket.

  • Improved loan options

    If you plan to refinance your home, a higher value can lead to better loan terms and interest rates.

  • Increased equity

    Owning a home with increasing value means building equity, which is the difference between your home’s market value and the amount you owe on your mortgage, and a new garage floor can significantly contribute to this.

Does Epoxy Garage Floor Add Value?

The answer is yes! Studies and expert opinions indicate that installing an epoxy garage floor can potentially add value to your home. Increase your home’s value by up to $8 per square foot through strategic renovations like garage floor coating. This relatively inexpensive upgrade, like a polyaspartic coating, can offer a significant return on investment and is a smart home improvement choice.

How Does Epoxy Garage Floor Add Value?

Here are several ways that epoxy garage floors can increase your property value and contribute to a higher resale value, making it an excellent home improvement.

  • Enhanced aesthetics

    A dull, cracked concrete floor detracts from the overall look of your garage, and updating it with a quality garage floor coating, such as polyaspartic, can significantly increase the resale value of your home. A professionally installed epoxy floor, with its variety of colors, finishes, and even custom design options, creates a clean, polished, and visually appealing space.

  • Increased durability and longevity

    Epoxy coatings are incredibly tough and resistant to damage from chemicals, stains, and abrasion. This translates to a floor that looks good and functions well for years to come, minimizing the need for future repairs or replacements. Such flooring, especially when considering a new garage floor, can help increase the resale value, which is a selling point for potential buyers and a great way to add value to your home.

  • Easier maintenance

    Compared to traditional concrete, epoxy floors are much easier to clean and maintain, a feature that can significantly increase home value. They require minimal effort to keep them looking their best, saving homeowners time and money, which is essential in home improvement.

  • Improved safety

    Epoxy coatings create a slip-resistant surface, reducing the risk of accidents in the garage, a key feature for realtors to highlight when selling a home with such an upgrade. This safety feature not only protects your family but can also be a major selling point that boosts the resale value for potential buyers.

Increase Your Property Value with Resinous Flooring Supply Northeast

At Resinous Flooring Supply Northeast, we offer a wide range of high-quality epoxy floor coating products for contractors and homeowners alike, perfect for those looking to remodel their garage and increase their resale value. We understand the importance of adding value to your property, and our durable, beautiful, and easy-to-maintain epoxy floor coatings are the perfect solution for your garage floor renovation.

Contact us today to learn how our flooring options, including epoxy and polyaspartic coatings, can help increase the value of your property. To discuss your options and learn how an epoxy floor coating from Resinous Flooring Supply Northeast can increase your property value and transform your garage into a functional and stylish space.


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