7 Undeniable Reasons to Love Epoxy Flooring

Jan 9, 2023

It’s true, not everyone thinks about flooring. Even if you have a commercial business, there’s a good chance that your flooring isn’t your top concern. Unfortunately, if businesses ignore their flooring altogether, they could end up having a number of preventable safety and productivity issues.

Having the right floors in your business can ensure greater efficiency and safety. Not only do they add to the aesthetic of your business, but they also make basic daily processes possible.

When choosing the best flooring for your business, it’s important to find something that can withstand your daily activities. You need something that will last, benefit the productivity of your business, and create an incredible look. To fit these requirements, many commercial properties choose epoxy flooring.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is a combination of resins and hardeners that create a chemical reaction as they are mixed. The chemical reaction results in the formation of a plastic material made of tightly linked cross-polymer structures that is cohesive with most base layers. Together, the base layer and the plastic layer ensure an incredibly strong, resistant, and durable flooring.

Epoxy is typically applied in liquid form as a coating onto concrete surfaces. This must be done carefully by a professional in order to achieve the intended results. Once applied, the liquid epoxy will harden and bond with the porous concrete to create a strong and smooth surface.

Reasons to Love Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is one of the top flooring choices for businesses in all industries. There are multiple reasons why people love epoxy and choose it above other flooring options.

1. Incredible Durability

Epoxy flooring is incredibly durable and resistant to harsh use. The bond created between the under surface and the epoxy ensures that the flooring has a long lifespan without the usual wear and tear. No matter what activities are performed on epoxy flooring, it remains fairly unaffected, without cracks, chips, or other forms of damage. Spills, drops, accidents, heavy traffic, and tough machinery don’t pose a risk to durable and long-lasting epoxy flooring.

2. Protects Machinery

Any machinery that may travel on the surface of a floor has the potential to experience wear and tear and other forms of damage. However, machinery that moves on epoxy flooring is well-protected thanks to the floor’s durability and weight-resistance. Overall, moving machinery on epoxy flooring reduces any potential damage, keeping repair and maintenance costs low.

3. Simple Maintenance

Unlike some other types of flooring, epoxy is quite simple to take care of and maintain. It has a glossy resin finish that is resistant to spills and liquids. Therefore, any type of spill need only be wiped or mopped up without issue. The smooth and seamless flooring repels mold and bacteria, providing peace of mind, and is incredibly simple to care for.

4. Chemical Resistant

Epoxy flooring can even withstand repeated chemical exposure, making it a highly important type of flooring for labs, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, and other places that deal in chemicals, as well as liquids and heavy machinery. The strength and durability of epoxy flooring ensures that it remains unaffected by exposure and free from damage. No matter what type of elements a business deals with, epoxy flooring has what is needed to remain secure, undamaged, and long-lasting.

5. Nice Aesthetics

While epoxy is a great flooring choice for businesses that use tough equipment and harsh chemicals, it is also well-loved by business owners simply searching for a great-looking floor. Epoxy flooring provides a smooth, new look to any area with its seamless and shiny coating. When using epoxy, floor surfaces stand out with a consistent pristine look that many business owners love. There are also multiple colors, textures, and designs to choose from, giving people the opportunity to carefully pick and design their flooring.

6. Promotes Safety (Slip-Resistant)

Epoxy flooring is designed with safety in mind. On its own, it repels moisture, preventing the potential for slipping and other accidents. A slip-resistant element can also be added to the epoxy, helping ensure that no one will slip on the floor. As epoxy is also resistant to cracks, chips, and other types of damage, it helps keep everyone safe. People don’t have to worry about having accidents due to the condition of the floor, as it will remain safe and secure.

7. Easy Installation

Next to other types of flooring, epoxy is simple to install, and can be laid without the help of professionals. However, for peace of mind and accurate installation, hiring professionals to install epoxy flooring is helpful. You’ll know that your flooring was installed properly and you won’t have to worry about any issues from a poorly installed floor. In the long run, this can actually end up saving you money and ensuring your epoxy flooring lasts for years to come.


Epoxy floors are a versatile, reliable, and long-lasting type of flooring. They provide multiple benefits that make them a top choice when it comes to homes and commercial properties. Along with the aforementioned advantages, this flooring is also one of the most environmentally-friendly types of floors, extremely cost-effective thanks to its durability and long life, and overall, just provides a unique and great-looking floor choice.

If you’re looking for flooring that you’ll love and that will last for years to come, look no further than epoxy.


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